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Ke-hu Earth is bungee tug toy with durable solid rubber ball.

Ke-hu means praise in Finnish. Ke-hu's slogan is; Every dog earns a Ke-hu. Evert dog earns a praise, after training or competition, or just for fun.

Manufactured and designed in Finland.

Ke-hu Earth

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  • Finnish Ke-hu toys has many fascinating elements. Flexible handle, materials that interest the dog, as well as delightful color schemes and high usability. Ke-hu toys has it all. Great joy to a great team, dog and his human.

    Ke-hu Earth has a high quality and durable American-made slightly elastic rubber ball. Toy has faux fur strip that raises the dogs interest to the toy. Handle has flexibility and pleasant soft fleece lining.

    Ke-hu Earth has a Planet Dog Orbee ball wich is high quality. The ball is solid rubber and hollow inside. It has earth’s continents as embossed pattern. You have three colors to choose from, orange ball glows in the dark.

    Color Options 
    Pink - Purple ribbon, pink faux fur and orange ball.
    Orange - Neon orange ribbon, dark grey faux fur and orange ball. 
    Blue-Green - Blue ribbon, green faux fur and blue ball.
    Neon yellow-Blue - Neon yellow ribbon, blue faux fur and ball.

    Size Chart
    S – Ball height is about 5.5 cm. Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.
    L – Ball height is about 9 cm. Suitable for large dogs.

    Ke-hu Earth is a good choice for even harder biters, as the solid rubber ball can’t go flat. The durability of the ball is good. Over time, the embossed patterns of the continents can peel off from the surface of the ball. However the ball will keeps it shape and is fully usable.

    Please note that Ke-hu toys are designed for active play between dog and it’s handler. They are not designed for chewing. When playtime is over, move Ke-hu out of dog’s reach. Please monitor your dog and play safe.

    Ke-hu toys are made and designed in Finland.